Awareness Campaigns

Sally Loves to help others and often organises awareness campaigns in the hopes of helping people living with issues in todays society. She raises awareness and promotes her work on social media and has often been contacted and thanked from victims that have been affected by the issues she has raised. Her most notable work are the photoshoots raising awareness for Anorexia, Domestic Abuse, and Homelessness. Her original song for child sex abuse has helped people world wide and she has been asked to collaborate with a past victim to create more music as a coping strategy. 

Awareness Campaigns

Sally started making awareness campaigns as a way of trying to help people who are struggle with issues in todays society. The actress approached a photographer and presented the idea of several topics. Sally has won a number of competitions and has been contacted by members of the public and thanked for her work. Her campaigns have been seen world wide and she has been approached by past victims to create more projects to help them with their individual stories. 

Child Sex Abuse

Little Secret

Little Secret was written and performed by the singer as an awareness campaign in order of raising awareness for Child Sex Abuse. This topic was too delicate for a photoshoot so Sally decided to write a song instead. This song has helped past vicims world wide and from this song Sally has been contacted and asked to colaberate and write more music in order to help more victims. 

Reviews and Praises

The photos I have seen are fantastic Sally... but the abused and homeless ones you have done seem to be where you really stand out with the body laguage and facial expressions... that saying 'A picture tells a thousand words' springs to mind when I see these ~ Wendy Hartley


Sally, it is a really good portrait you have shown to raise awareness of homelessness and true to say that it can happen to anyone. It is a wonderful idea and although a sad situation you still look beautiful as always  ~  Ash Ellis

This picture is the best at getting the message across, you're reaction looks so realistic and you truly got into the character in this shot ~ Gage K D Treanor


This song is amazing, especially from someone who's never been through that, this girl nailed it!! Not many songs out there about child sexual abuse so it's nice to here some songs I can relate too  ~  Past Victim

Daddy's Tribute

So my lovely daughter's most recent photoshoot makes me want to give her a big hug. Lovely, believable facial expressions. I think this is her best work yet. 


Domestic Abuse