Sally, that is absolutely fantastic. Every word in that is perfectly written, you are such a wonderful singer and song writer. Please keep wirting music, please don't let people miss out on your talen ~ Rhona Gibson



Cover of Dolly Parton's country song, Jolene. Sally learnt this song to perform on stage as a duet for a theatre production.

The Streets of London

Cover of Ralph McTell's beautiful song The Streets Of London. Sally learnt the song to express the emotion in the awareness campaign she made about homelessness. 

Love Script

This is an original song written and sung by the performer. Sally found the inspiration for this song after losing two lives that were very special to her. Although this is a personal song written from her own experiences, Sally expressed she wants the audience to hear it to fit with their experiences and relate it to help them. 

Little Secret

Little Secret was written and performed by the singer as an awareness campaign in order of raising awareness for Child Sex Abuse. Sally usually does a photoshoot to raise awareness, however, for this delicate topic she decided to write a song instead. This song has helped past vicims world wide and from this song she has been contacted and asked to colaberate and write more music in order to help more victims. 

Light The Sky

Cover of Grace Vanderwaal's beautiful song Light The Sky. One of Sally's biggest inspirations is Vanderwaal and she has learned all the young singers songs. Sally even searched and purchased the same Ukulele as her idol.