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''There's nothing I enjoy more than Acting. Performing for the camera is the only career I can do. I've tried other professions but acting is the only thing I enjoy''

Sally started her training in her early teens and did as much publicity work as she could to help her gain more confidence and experience. At 15 she joined a few local amateur dramatic societies; Lytham, Kirkham and Blackpool. She took part in several  photo shoots, but as an actress at heart she planned these photo shoots as storyboards. Sally acts through still shots, she believes this makes her a better performer as she can study the shots and examine them. 

To create a CV and gain some experience Sally contacted a few agencies and is currently on the books of Lemon Casting, StarNow, Casting Collective, and Mandy Actors. Although some of these agencies specialise in extra work, they have been beneficial to kick start her acting career by giving the actress her first professional film experience; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them''.

''I want to act. I love being different characters and exploring how different every single person is. I have played several different characters in my years of performing and I will continue to perform and enjoy every new character I portray''.




Sally joined her first theatre school at the age of 11 and has been acting ever since. Ranging from theatre to Panto, soap to film, sally can do all genres of acting.

Sally is currently represented by Stirling Management. 

Song Writing


Sally started writing songs at the age of 15. She began writing comedy songs about life events that young people could relate too. She then started writing more mature pieces in the hope to help people get through difficult times.



Sally has been singing from an early age and has often sang on stage as part of a choir and solo. At 17, Sally and her sister Zoe made a duo group named 'The Literals' covering Anti-Folk songs, accompanying the guitar, Ukulele and harmonica.



Sally started playing Guitar at the age of 13. Just messing around, strumming the strings of her sisters guitar one night made her eager to learn. Sally now owns 7 acoustic guitars and 2 electric guitars with no desire to stop buying her favourite instrument.

Ukulele, Violin and Piano


Sally started playing Ukulele at a late age of 21. Grace Vanderwaal was her inspiration to learn the instrument and in just a few nights she learnt how to play fluently. Sally started Piano lessons with her older sister at the age of 7 and learnt how to read music which helped her understand the Violin extremely quickly with a result of her being top of the class in her school violin lessons, and was always featured in school productions. She started violin lessons at 6 years old and had private lessons completing grade 4.  

Recording and Editing


Sally is signed with Stirling Management Actors Agency located in Bolton. She takes weekly advanced classes that delve deep in to many modules and styles of acting. The agency also offer intense workshops where professionals in the business often hold classes. 

Charity Work


Sally Loves to help others and often organises awareness campaigns in the hopes of helping people living with issues in todays society. She raises awareness and promotes her work on social media and often been contacted and thanked from victims that have been affected by the issues she has raised. Her most notable work are the photoshoots raising awareness for Anorexia, Domestic Abuse, and Homelessness. Her original song for child sex abuse has helped people world wide and she has been asked to collaborate with a past victim to create more music as a coping strategy. Sally is currently planning more awareness campaigns for Transgender, Racism, Disability, infertility and Depression. 

Awareness Campaigns

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Sally Cox

Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

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